How Smart Soda Can Benefit Your C-Store

How Smart Soda Can Benefit Your C-Store

Whether you run or own a convenience store or petrol forecourt, attracting repeat custom will be key to your success. Looking to keep ahead in a competitive marketplace can be a constant headache when trying to think up new ways to stand out.

Consumers are becoming more and more money savvy. Having their purse strings constantly tightened in the current economic climate means they will be even more conscious not to waste their hard-earned pounds. Not only are there pressures with regard to consumer awareness but there are other influences that can affect yours and their purchase decisions. For example, the sugar tax, this has caused the mainstream drink manufacturers to increase their prices and don’t

forget the new plastic tax that has just come into force, this also will inevitably be passed on to the consumer in the months to come.


Tackling obesity in the UK and promoting a healthier diet is high up on the Government’s agenda. This will also have an impact on society with a view to more and more consumers becoming increasingly aware of the content of what they drink and strive for healthier options.


Lucky for you, appealing to the more money and health-conscious consumer is what we do best!

Everything we do begins with alkaline water.

Innovative Drink Stations for Convenience Stores

Our on-the-go drinks systems are not only eco-friendly but offer a far healthier choice of beverage. There are a myriad of benefits to fitting a Smart Soda Drinks Station, here is our Top 10 for you:

1. Zero or Lower Sugar Drinks Sell More

Due to our drinks having lower or zero sugar, they do not attract sugar tax which keeps the cost of our drinks lower. We also only use Stevia, which is a plant based sweetener, so our drinks provide a healthier option to your customers who may be looking to move away from the normal sugar or sucralose loaded offerings.


In a recent Convenience Store article, they mention that a massive seven out of ten convenience shoppers say that sugar content, or lack thereof, is important when choosing a soft drink for on-the-go missions.


Read the full Convenience Store article here.

2. Mouth Watering Range of Flavours

Get your customers taste buds watering with a choice of tasty flavours such as Cherry Vanilla Zero or Lemon and Lime Zero, or, of course, the most popular Cola Zero. You will see your customers return again and again to try a different flavour or mix it up with a Functional Shot

3. Functional Shots to Suit a Mood

Our Functional Shots can be added to any drink and can provide unique health benefits which will bring customers back time and again. They can choose from Immunity, Relaxation or our popular Energy boosting shot.

4. Vitamin Infused for a Healthier Drink

We infuse our drinks with vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C. Discover a whole new profit opportunity by offering healthier drinks options to your customers.

5. Eye-Catching Self-Serve Touchscreen Dispensers

Give your customers the ‘wow’ factor in your convenience store with our vibrant and innovative self-serve touchscreen dispenser equipment with an integral eye-catching video. While customers happily serve themselves, this frees up more time for your staff to do what they do best.

Juli Touch Dispenser
Benefits to Convenience Stores

6. Better Utilisation of Your Shelf Space

By fitting one of our drinks systems there will be less need to offer canned and bottled drinks which can free up shelf space. Your staff will spend less time restocking as well because just one of our bag in box soft drinks produces the equivalent of 180 bottled drinks!

7. Buy British

Support British manufacturers by fitting our drinks stations with Smart Soda syrups, all produced here in the UK.

8. Profit Opportunities

And now for the number crunching! Our systems provide a higher gross profit margin than the Ready to Drink offerings. This will mean a healthier profit opportunity for you. Offering our drinks as part of a Meal Deal can also provide a higher profit as well as engaging with your customers more which will bring repeat business and drive footfall.

With flexible finance options you can have a station fitted to suit your capital expenditure budgets or choose a leasing option to spread the cost over a number of months.

9. Looking After you After the Sale

We provide a full after care programme to ensure your equipment is tip top condition, this not only means it remains aesthetically appealing to your customers, but you can continue to run your business knowing that the system it is looked after and reliable.

10. And Most Importantly - Helping the Environment

By fitting one of our sustainable soft drink systems, there will be no bottles, cans or polystyrene to dispose of. Our cups are fully compostable which will appeal to the environmentally friendly as well as support your sustainability credentials, reduce your carbon footprint and provide a cleaner, plastic free environment.

These are just a few of the many benefits a Smart Soda Drinks Dispenser can provide, for more information or to speak to one of our friendly team, contact us now by clicking the button below.

Or why not visit us at the National Convenience Show – Stand 20.


We look forward to helping you provide your customers a healthier drinks option while providing you with healthier profits!

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