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How Smart Soda Can Benefit Your Office

Smart employers know that organisations perform better when staff are healthy, motivated and focused. When employees feel their work is meaningful and that they are valued and supported, they tend to have higher wellbeing levels, are more committed to the company and, importantly, they perform better too.

So how can Smart Soda help your company show your staff that you care about their wellbeing? In this blog we highlight the benefits of fitting our healthier drinks station within your workplace, not just to your staff, but to your company, and there are many, many benefits…

Everything we do begins with alkaline water.

Innovative Drink Stations for Office and Workplaces

Staff Health & Wellbeing Benefits

Richard demonstrates our Lilly healthier drinks dispenser, ideal for offices and workplaces.

Alkaline Water based Flavoured Sodas and Waters

At Smart Soda our proprietary alkaline filters release molecular hydrogen into water for increased health and wellbeing.

Alkaline water is better for you because it helps to neutralise damaging oxygen free radicals in the body which are widely considered to be major factors in accelerated ageing.

Low or Zero Sugar

Our craft soda and infused water range are either low in sugar or contain zero sugar. 

Natural Sweeteners

Our healthier drinks options contain only plant-based, natural stevia sweetener.

Vitamin Infused

All our drinks options include added vitamins including B3, B5, B6, B12 and C.

Enticing Flavours

Our UK produced range of mouth watering flavours will add to your staffs enjoyment all while drinking healthier!

Freshly Blended

All our drinks are freshly blended at the point of dispense.

Functional Shots

With our Juli Touch model, your staff would have the ability to enhance their drink with either an Energy Focus, Immunity Boost or Relaxation shot – which ever suits their mood. All natural, all calorie free.

Good hydration at work means a more focussed and energised workplace.

Environmental Benefits

No Waste

By fitting one of our soft drink systems you will actually be helping the environment too. There will be no bottles, cans or polystyrene to dispose of. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Our systems can enhance your sustainability credentials which will effectively reduce your organisations carbon footprint.

Workplace Benefits

Free Up Fridge Space

By fitting one of our drinks systems there will be no need to offer canned and bottled drinks which can free up fridge space and storage. Just one of our bag in box soft drinks produces the equivalent of 80 bottled drinks!

Installation and Maintenance

We include a full installation and service package, so no added costs. And as much as our drinks dispensers are ‘state of the art’, they are also very easy to maintain.

Fixed Monthly Cost

We offer very competitively priced monthly equipment lease rental, or there is a purchase option also available if you prefer.

These are just a few of the many benefits a Smart Soda Drinks Dispenser can provide, for more information or to speak to one of our friendly team, contact us now by clicking the button below.

Or why not visit us at the Facilities Show – Stand FM2022.


We look forward to helping you provide your staff a healthier drinks option to increase motivation and wellbeing!

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