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Health Conscious Office Staff Want Better Soft Drinks Alternatives

If your workplace provides soft drinks these will likely include sugar fuelled fizzy drinks, or diet options which are loaded with artificial sweeteners.

It is time to snub these traditional soft drinks and demand healthier alternatives…

Enter Smart Soda!

Smart Soda is the world’s first water company to offer vitamininfused, flavoured sparkling alkaline waters and sodas made with only plantbased natural sweetener, reduced British beet sugar or no sugar at all. Our drinks are vegan, antioxidantrich, glutenfree and can be boosted with unique functional shots.

So what does the Smart Soda range of soda and sparkling waters have to offer the health-conscious, savvy, environmentally aware workplace staff?

Here are just a few of the benefits to wet your appetite:

  • Everything starts with Alkaline Water which is healthier for you
  • Mouth-watering range of flavours – UK produced drinks with a wide choice of 13 flavours (within our Craft Soda Low Sugar, Craft Soda Zero and Infused Waters ranges)
  • Zero sugar options – within our Infused Waters and Craft Soda Zero
  • Vitamin infused for a healthier drink – includes B3, B5, B6, B12 and C
  • Functional Shots (Juli Touch only) to suit your mood – our advanced and dynamic platform gives you the ability to enhance your drink with either Energy Focus, Immunity Boost or Relaxation
  • Only plant-based, natural Stevia sweetener is used
  • All drinks are freshly blended at the point of consumption
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to ‘Ready to Drink’ (RTD) single use plastic bottles and cans which reduces your companies carbon footprint
  • Refill your own cup or bottle. Only compostable cups and straws are used, where needed

There are so many benefits a Smart Soda Drinks Dispenser can provide your workplace, for more information on how you and your company can benefit, read our blog Office Benefits. 

To speak to one of our friendly team, contact us now by clicking the button below.

Or why not visit us at the Facilities Show – Stand FM2022.


We look forward to helping provide your workplace a healthier drinks option to increase motivation and wellbeing!

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