Are We HFSS Compliant

Is Smart Soda HFSS Compliant?

HFSS is a hot topic right now, particularly for our convenience store customers. But what is HFSS? How will it affect businesses? How will it affect the consumer? And are Smart Soda HFSS compliant? We will answer all these questions in our most recent blog…

What is HFSS?

HFSS stands for ‘High in Fat, Salt and Sugar’. As part of the government’s strategy to tackle obesity they will be restricting unhealthy food promotions in stores from October of this year.

How Will HFSS Affect Businesses?

This will see the end of the ‘buy one get one free’ type promotions on HFSS products. This also means that promotions on less healthy products can no longer be featured in key locations in stores, such as the checkout area. To learn more about the regulations, you can visit the GOV.UK page here.

How Will HFSS Affect the Consumer?

With almost two-thirds of adults and one third of children in England overweight or obese, obesity related illnesses are costing the NHS billions every year. The HFSS restrictions will help support people in achieving and maintain a healthy weight to improve their overall well-being. With convenience stores and supermarkets focusing more on healthier choices, this will encourage a positive change in consumer behaviours.

Are Smart Soda HFSS Compliant?

In short – YES!!

All our drinks offer the consumer a healthier alternative to mainstream drinks brands. First of all, we offer a unique alkaline water platform which provides the healthiest water available. Added to this, the flavourings are vitamin-infused and are either low in sugar (lower than the HFSS threshold) or zero sugar. We only use Stevia plant-based sweetener in our syrups, which are natural tasting, vegan, kosher, antioxidant rich and gluten-free.

Everything we do begins with alkaline water.

Clean Tasting Flavoured Water

Why Smart Soda?

If you are looking for a unique healthier drinks station which is HFSS compliant for your store, then you found it!

Our eye-catching self-serve touchscreen dispensers will give the ‘wow’ factor for your customers. And while they serve themselves, you free up more time for your staff, free up shelf space with less stocking of canned and bottled drinks, gain high gross profit margins, all while remaining compliant. It’s a win-win!

Read our blog C-Store Benefits to learn more about how offering a Smart Soda Drinks Station to your customers can benefit you. You can also read our blog On-The-Go Consumer Benefits to learn more about how our healthier drinks options can benefit your customers.

Are You Ready for Smart Soda?

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